Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ruby Kobo

Ruby Kobo
Boho Luxe Bijoux.

"Designers, Yuvi Alpert, the world-trekking son of a diamond dealer, hails from the West Coast, while Danna Kobo, who previously worked with Jacob the Jeweler, hails from the East. The two formed Ruby Kobo earlier this year, and their disparate backgrounds come together beautifully in the collection’s unexpected high-low pairings.

“The aesthetic of the collection is undoubtedly connected to our differing backgrounds and experiences,” Alpert told The Fashion Informer. “Growing up by the beach in LA and Tel Aviv, I was used to a more casual, untailored style and contemporary looks. Danna, on the other hand, grew up in Hong Kong and later in uptown Manhattan, where she was exposed to a more lavish lifestyle, quality diamonds and chic boutiques.”

“It is the combination of the formal and informal that makes Ruby Kobo unique,” he added. “You can see this juxtaposition in each piece in the collection.”

There’s also a strong...spiritual element, as seen in the collection’s gold and pavĂ©-lined Hasma hands (thought to bestow good luck), Tulsi wood beads (meant to promote harmony with nature and awaken inner love) and tiny Tibetan masks (which serve as a reminder of the transient nature of our existence), all of which Alpert first discovered while backpacking in Far East Asia and South America. Several styles even feature minute beads individually carved with the Tibetan mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum.

The duo sources their materials in India, Nepal, Thailand and Peru, and all pieces are finished, by hand, in New York City. This isn’t the type of precious metal you store away for special occasions or rarefied events. It’s the type of meaningful – and highly personal - jewelry that you just can’t wait to put on every day."

The Fashion Informer