Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I am fascinated by home interiors. Besides experimenting with fashion and developing your personal style, interior design is the perfect way to express one's self. Unlike dress, where appearance is public, the home is your own intimate sanctuary of expression. Padma Lakshmi's home is paradise. Her gorgeous gold chandeliers and gold framed artwork give the home a nouveau riche feel, while the brightly colored library, lush closet, and personalized Indian accents are perfect representations of Padma's interests. I love mixing colors and patterns, whether its with wallpaper, throw pillows, or furniture. One's personality definitely shines through with these aesthetic interior elements. Bright artwork, coffee table books, fresh flowers and candles are also important in bringing a home's ambiance together. And of course great background music also lets your individualism shine through.

Harper's Bazaar and Vogue have section's in their magazines that showcase some of the world's most unique personalities, be it entrepreneurs, fashion designers, or artists.

...A swing in your living room?!

Ah, one can only dream...

US Harper's Bazaar November 2008
Padma Lakshmi
By Marshall Heyman
Fashion Editor: Ann Caruso
Photographer: Douglas Friedman